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  • SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers

    Question.1  What is the component of the enterprise framework that provides Core web intelligence display and interaction? Answer:  The Web Intelligence Report Server provides core Web Intelligence display and interaction within the platform for end-user query and analysis. The Web Intelligence Report Server is accessed when the CMS requests the..

  • SAP BW Ultimate Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  What is a cell editor? Answer:  Gives definition of specific cells in queries (intersection of two structures one characteristics structure and one key figure structure); using this you can override the default cell values. Question.2  What are the options for calculating result as  summation? Answer:  The sum of total..

  • SAP Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  How can we overcome by loops? and also is it possible, one user can different universe? Answer:  By using Alias and context Alias- loop contains one look up table Context-loop contains more than one lookup table. Question.2  How do we apply SQL query on selected variables? Answer: If you..

  • SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

    Question.1  What is proposed from statistics for aggregates? Answer:  You can ask the system to get the optimal characteristics for aggregation by using the BW statistics data (like query run time, etc). Question.2  Can you define aggregates on time dependent navigational attributes? Answer:  Yes, as of version 3.x Question.3  What..

  • SAP BW Interview Questions with Answers

    Question.1  What is $ as an authorization value? Answer:  You use $ followed by a variable name (values populated in user exit for bex); this avoids having too many roles. Question.2  What is info object 0TCTAUTHH? Answer:  This is used in hierarchy authorization Question.3  How would you debug security issues?..

  • SAP BO Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  What is a filter? Answer:  A filter, as the name suggests, is used to apply a condition to get specific or “filtered” data in the report. A filter can be applied either at the universe level or at the report level. Filter at the report, the level is nothing..

  • SAP BO Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

    Question.1 What is the role of surrogate keys in the data warehouse and how will you generate them? Answer: A surrogate key is a simple Primary key which maps one to one with a Natural compound Primary key. The reason for using them is to alleviate the need for the..

  • Microstrategy Interview Questions and answers for Experienced

    Question.1   What is Microstrategy Desktop? Answer:   Microstrategy Desktop  is a Windows client-server software application that provides integrated monitoring, reporting, and analysis capabilities. Question.2   What does Microstrategy Desktop allow users to do? Answer:   Using Microstrategy Desktop, users can easily access and share critical corporate information they need to make cost-cutting decisions..