hadoop bigdata interview questions and answers Interview Questions and Answers

  • Datastage Interview Questions with answers

    Question.1   What is Meta Data Repository? Answer:   Meta Data is a data about the data. It also contains Query statistics ETL statistics Business subject area Source Information Target Information Source to Target mapping  Information. Question.2  What is Data Stage Engine? Answer:   It is a JAVA engine running at the background…

  • OBIEE Interview Questions and answers for Experienced

    Question.1  What is single LTS and multiple LTS? Answer:  The logical table created at the BMM layer can be based on the data from a single physical layer table, when it is called single Logical Table source. When the specific logical layer table is dependent on the columns of different..

  • SQL Server DBA Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1  Which TCP/IP port does SQL Server run on? How can it be changed? Answer:  SQL Server runs on port 1433. It can be changed from the Network Utility TCP/IP properties. Question.2   What are the difference between clustered and a non-clustered index? Answer:  A clustered index is a special type..

  • Teradata Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1  What is the difference between FastLoad and MultiLoad? Answer:  FastLoad uses multiple sessions to quickly load large amount of data on empty table. MultiLoad is used for high-volume maintenance on tables and views. It works with non-empty tables also. Maximum 5 tables can be used in MultiLoad. Question.2  Which..