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  • Oracle Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1   What is a database? Answer:    Database offer a single point of mechanism for storing and retrieving information with the help of tables. Table is made up of columns and rows where each column stores specific attribute and each row displays a value for the corresponding attribute.  It is a..

  • VB.NET Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1  What would you do to remove Microsoft visual basic name space? Answer:  .NET has many new features and application supportive tools. To remove Microsoft visual basic name space all you have to do is to 1) Remove the import manually every time you start the project. 2) Creating a..

  • C#.Net Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1.  What is C#? Answer:  C# (pronounced C-Sharp) is a new programming language introduced with the Microsoft .NET framework and is no doubt the language of choice in .NET environment. It was first created in the late 1990’s as part of Microsoft’s whole .NET strategy. It is a whole new..