SEO Interview Questions and answers

Question.1 What is SEO and why a website needs SEO?

Answer: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The website needs SEO to increase its brand awareness, increase its web visitors, and rank the website on the search list and more.

Question.2 What is Amp Update? How will it be useful for SEO?

Answer: The AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Project. Updating a website, AMP will allow websites to speed up on mobile phones. It is useful for SEO, as there is, the less bounce rate with an excellent speed.

Question.3 What is SEO and why websites need SEO?

Answer: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an optimization technique that optimizes the websites with an important set of keywords to help it rank in the search list. In SEO we have On-page and Off-page SEO Optimization used for the website. The On-page SEO optimization uses the selected keywords on websites and each webpage’s title tag optimization, meta tag description, and focus keywords to increase the website ranking. The Off-page SEO optimization creates backlinks, submits the website to the Google console to get the website authorized, directory submission, forum posting, commenting, creating blogs or blog posting to increase the website traffic. Therefore, websites need SEO for increasing their traffic, awareness on the internet.

Question.4 How can we know that the website is penalized by the Search Engine?

Answer: You will understand that your website has been penalized by the Search Engine when the following thing occurs:

  • The website is partially or entirely removed from the Google index.
  • The website’s or web page’s ranking is dropped suddenly.

Question.5 List out some black hat SEO techniques and explain them

Answer: List of some black hat SEO is given below:

Using Unrelated Keywords

Using unrelated keywords which has high search queries in the search engines, and adding that keyword to the content.

Stuffing Keywords in the Content

Using the main keywords over and over again and increasing the keyword frequency. 500 words need to have 2-3 keyword density, but keyword stuffing increases the keyword density to 5-8 and more.

Hiding Keywords

Hiding the keywords in the web page with web page’s background color so it will not be deducted from the Google.

Duplicate Content

Using the content of a page that is highly ranked by many website visitors on our page.

Question.6 List out 3 blogs which you are following for SEO knowledge?

Answer: You will understand that your website has been penalized by the Search Engine when the following thing occurs:

  • Moz.
  • Search Engine Journal.
  • Search Engine Land.

Question.7 Name the two SEO practices. Which one is legal?

Answer: There are two SEO practices, White hat SEO, and Blackhat SEO. White hat SEO is legal, and search engine friendly.

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