SAP SD Interview Questions with answers

Question.1 what are 16 fields in pricing procedure?




3.condition type









13. Alternative calculation type

 14. Alternative condition base value

 15 account key

16. Accrual

Question.2 what is Condition type? Tell me the main groups?

Answer: A condition type is one which describes what the purpose Of that condition i.e it represents a real time pricing like Price, discount , freight or taxes. [sociallocker]

Question.3 What does an item category control?

Answer:  An item category controls the overall behavior of an item. It determines whether the item is relevant for pricing or not, whether it is relevant for delivery or not, whether it is relevant for delivering or not. It also determines whether it is a free item, text item and it also help to determine the sales document type.

Question.4  What is Returnable packaging processing means?


1. Returnable packaging is the process which is similar to Consignment process the only difference is the customer keeps the returnable goods in his possession and returns back if not needed.

 2. Returnable packaging explains the case where customer Returns the packaging material, and the same is not charged to the customer.

Ex. : Pallets, Gas cylinders etc..

Question.5 what is material determination? Can you do two material for one material?


1. Mat determination is swapping of materials. If you  give a mat m1 in a sales order, it will replace with another mat m2. With two materials we cannot swap. But with the help of user exits we can do it. This function is widely used in automotive components.

 2. In a simple language you can say Material Determination is. Nothing but a alternative material to the original material. you can insure one or more than one materials to one original material, but you can select one at a time.

3. Material determination is nothing but substituting one Product with another product.

4. Material Determination is substitution of the main item with other item for any reason. You can substitute the main item with a number of material choices, but you can pick only one out of them.

Question.6  Explain Work center?


work center :

Logistics – General (LO)  An organizational unit that defines where and when an operation must be performed.

The work center has an available capacity. The activities performed at or by the work center are evaluated by charge rates that are determined by cost centers and activity types.

Work centers can be:



Production lines

 Groups of craftsmen

Question.7 how you change sold-to-party into ship-to-party?

Answer:  You cant change sold to party to ship to party. But you can Change ship to party to sold to party

Question.8 How is step and, counter differentiated?

Answer:  Step is sequential order of a condition type. Counter is nothing but sub sequential number of a condition type.

Question.9 what is difference between the item proposal and dynamic proposal?

Answer: Item proposal in which we will manual select the items from The list of items proposed for that particular customer, using the transaction code, Where as dynamic proposal is as for my understanding it should be pre configured for a particular customer such that whenever the sale order is raised items are automatically determined in that order.

Question.10 how to post the goods receipts from storage location to warehouse? What is the movement type?

Answer:  651 or 561

Question.11 Where would you specify that a condition type is a discount or a surcharge?

Answer: In Condition category

Question.12 What are the functions performed in a support client?

Answer: The main function is resolving the day to day issues sent by the client. Sometimes enhancements also.

Question.13 Tell me your business flow?

Answer: Client business process

 Ex: Quotation—order–delivery—pgi invoice

Question.14   T.code to release del. Blocked due to credit check?

Answer:  T.c viol single delivery

V1o4 collective delivery.


Question.15 To perform material configure which system one=has-to-use in a landscape?

Answer: Development instance

Question.16 what is the purpose of sales document type?

Answer: The functions of sales document type are: It can determine Whether the sales doc of that type are blocked or not

 No ranges for the documents

Whether a reference doc is mandatory or not

 Whether it should read us. Material info record

Whether the system should run credit checks and how it Should respond etc.

Question.17 What are the Steps in consignment processing?

Answer:  In consignment process, we have 4 stages. First phase, company fill the goods at customer site, still it is the property of company , is called as Consignment fill up,(CF) When the customer consumes the material company issues the Invoice is called as consignment issue (CI) If the customer finds that he got any material defective he Returns is called as consignment return (CR) When customer requests the company to take back the material, Which is not sold the consumer, the company will ‘pick This stock from the customer site is known as consignment Pick up (cp) .

Question.18  Item category group? Where do you maintain it?

Answer: We will maintain item category group in material master Record in sales organization 2 view( am not sure 1 or 2 view ). This item category is used in item category determination ( Item category = Item category group + sales document type + item category usage + higher level item category) based on the material type

Question.19  what are the tools we use to communicate with the client in the companies. Can anyone tell me at least 3 issues we face in support project?

Answer:  Many companies using internal mail system to communicate with client. Take any of the 3 issues you faced in your preparation or which one you’re having good command over the subject. Most of the issues based on the sales order only in support.