SAP Interview Questions and Answers

  • SAP Security Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1  Please explain the personalization tab within a role? Answer:   Personalization is a way to save information that could be common to users, I meant to a user role…  E.g. you can create SAP queries and manage authorizations by user groups. Now this information can be stored in the personalization..

  • SAP SD Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  What are the five imp fields to be maintained in account determination? Answer:  Account Determination: Sales View, Sales Organization, Distribution Chanel, Chart of Accounts, Account Assignment Group for Customer and Material and Account Keys. Question.2 What is meant by transfer of data from legacy code to sap Legacy Code..

  • SAP BASIS Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1 What is private mode? When does user switch to user mode? Answer: Private mode is a mode where the heap data is getting exclusively allocated by the user and is no more shared across the system. This happens when your extended memory is exhausted. Question.2 What is osp$ mean?..

  • SAP ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1 What is the advantage of structures? How do you use them in the ABAP programs? Answer: GLOBAL EXISTANCE (these could be used by any other program without creating it again). Question:2 What does an extract statement do in the ABAP program? Answer: Once you have declared the possible record..

  • SAP FICO Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1 What is ERP? Answer: ERP is a package with the techniques and concepts for the integrated management of business as a whole, for effective use of management resources, to improve the efficiency of an enterprise. Initially, ERP was targeted for manufacturing industry mainly for planning and managing core business..