QlikView Interview Question and Answers-2

Question.1  What is a KPI?


Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a key measure/s that is used by an organization to evaluate performance. KPI’s are different for different organizations, for example, for a retail company, one for the KPI may be Sales Amount, for a hospital, it may be number of patients treated.

Question.2  How source control is performed in QlikView


Starting with version 11, QlikView can be integrated to source control applications like
Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) and subversion.

Question.3  How two tables are linked in QlikView?


In QlikView, two tables are linked based on common field names between the two tables.

Question.4  What’s the difference between a primary key and foreign key in SQL?


Primary key uniquely identifies a record in a table. Primary key in one table is referenced by a foreign key in another table. Two relational tables are linked based on primary key and foreign key.

Question.5  What are some of the joins in SQL?


The joins in SQL are

  • Inner Join. Returns matching rows from both the tables.
  • Left/Outer join. Returns all rows from the left table and the matched rows from the right table.
  • Right/Outer join. Returns all rows from the Right table and the matched rows from the left table.
  • Full/Outer join. Returns all rows from table1 and from the table2. It combines the result of both LEFT and RIGHT joins.
  • Cartesian join. Join of every row of one table to every row of another table.

Question.6  What is the Group By clause in SQL?


 Group By is always used with Aggregation functions. It groups the query result by one or more columns. Columns in SQL statement containing Group By should be used with aggregation functions or should be under Group By clause.

Question.7  What is Composite key?


It is a combination of 2 or more fields in a table that can be used to uniquely identify each row in the table.

Question.8  What is the difference between Union and Union All in SQL?


 Union and Union All are used to combine results of queries. Union eliminates the duplicate records and Union All includes all the records.

Question.9  What is meant by data transformation?


Data transformation means transforming the data from its original format. Raw data may be in a different format then required by the report or dashboard. Data transformation is required to make the data more suited for the application. An example, will be to remove time information from the DateTime.

Question.10  What is data granularity?


Data granularity refers to the level of detail or depth of data.

It means the level at which data is stored in the fact table. For e.g. if data is stored at the Year level, then it is at the lower granularity. If the data is stored at the Month or day level, then it at higher granularity.

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