QlikView Interview Questions

Question.1 What is QlikView Server (QVS) and Publisher?

Answer: QlikView server hosts all the QlikView documents, users and objects. QlikView server is
accessed by QlikView management console.
QlikView publisher is a component of QVS and is used for content management, access,
data reduction and distribution. A separate license is required for Publisher.

Question.2 How QlikView applications are deployed on the server?

Answer: QVWs are developed using QlikView desktop and placed in the Source
document folder. Source document folder is a physical folder on the QlikView
QVWs will contain data load scripts and/or Visualizations.
Server folders are accessed through QlikView management console (QMC).
Appropriate security is applied to the dashboard.
Data reload and distribution tasks are created.
Once the distribution tasks are executed, dashboard goes in User document
folder. Based on the settings one document can be split into multiple documents.
User access these documents/dashboards from user document folder through
Access Point.

Question.3 What are tasks and Trigger on QlikView Management Console?

Answer: Tasks are created to reload data and distribute dashboards to the users. Triggers are created
to schedule a task to run at a certain time. Dependencies between the tasks are also set
using triggers.

Question.4 What different services are available in the QlikView Server environment?

Answer: QlikView Management Service (QMS)
QMS manages all the components of the environment. All the communication
passes through QMS. Settings of QMS are stored as XML files.
QlikView Server (QVS)
It is responsible for handling users, the security of documents, authorization and
processes user requests.
QlikView WebServer (QVWS)

It is responsible to start user authentication. It also stores Access Point and AJAX
client files.
QlikView distribution services (QDS)
It performs all the publisher tasks and is also required when the publisher is not
present. It reloads data, performs data reduction and distributes documents.
Directory Service Connector (DSC)
It is responsible for extracting permission related user information from Active
directory, LDAP and ODBC. It also provides email distribution information to