Python Interview Questions And Answers

Question.1  What is the command used for exiting help window or for helping command prompt?

Answer:  The command used for exiting the help window is the quit command. The python shell prompt will appear by closing the help window automatically.

Question.2  How to avoid overload constructors or methods in Python?

Answer:  The Python’s constructor_init_() is the first method of a class. We can try to instantiate an object _init_() is automatically invoked by python to initialize members of an object.

Question.3  What does the split(), sub(), and subn() methods do?

Answer: The Split() uses a regax pattern to split any given string into the created list. The Sub() will find all the substrings where this regex pattern will match and then replaces them with a different string. Subn() is similar to the Sub(). It will return the new string along with the other no. of replacements.

Question.4  Mention the way to display the text contents of the files in the reverse order?

Answer:   Firstly, convert the file into the list. Secondly, reverse this list by utilizing reversed().

Question.5  What are an ODBC and Python?

Answer:  ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity. It is the API standard that allows the connections with the database supporting the interface as a PostreSQL database or Microsoft Access. There are 3 ODBC modules for Python: 1) PythonWin ODBC module. 2) MxODBC. 3) pyodbc.

Question.6  Mention the way to remove duplicates from a list?

Answer:   You can remove duplicates from the list by sorting it from the list, then scanning this list from the end, and lastly, delete the duplicate elements while scanning the list from right-to- left.

Question.7  What does the append() and extend() methods do?

Answer:  The append() adds the element at the end of the list. The extent() adds the elements of another list at the end of the list.

Question.8  Is Python object-oriented?

Answer:   Python is object-oriented. It is object-oriented programming language. The OOP is a programming paradigm based on classes and instances of classes. The features of OOP are given below:

  • Encapsulation.
  • Data Abstraction.
  • Inheritance.
  • Polymorphism.

Question.9  What does the TkIner do?

Answer:  The TkIner is the library of Python. It is one of the toolkit for developing the GUI. It supports various GUI tools and even widget that is used in the GUI applications. And the common attribute of them includes Dimensions, Colors, Fonts, Cursors, and etc.

Question.10  What kind of sequences is supported by Python?

Answer:  The Python supports 7 sequences, types. They are as follows:- str, list, tuple, Unicode, byte array, xrange, and buffer.

Question.11  Mention the simple differences between Java and Python?

Answer:  The Java and Python are used by programmers, but the Python is preferred more due to its excellent speed of coding. Java has a static type data type, and Python has a dynamic typed-data type. And Python has a better data science and machine learning applications.

Question.12  Mention the working of a compile-time and run-time code check?

Answer:  Python performs the compile-time checking thought some of the checks are postponed like name, type, name and etc until the code is executed. And if the code references are user-defined function doesn’t exist, the code will then compile successfully. The code might even fail with an exception only if it is the executed path references the function.

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