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  • QlikView Interview Questions

    Question.1 What is QlikView Server (QVS) and Publisher? Answer: QlikView server hosts all the QlikView documents, users and objects. QlikView server is accessed by QlikView management console. QlikView publisher is a component of QVS and is used for content management, access, data reduction and distribution. A separate license is required..

  • QlikView Interview Question and Answers-4

    Question.1  Why and how QVDs are used ? Answer: It is faster to read data from a QVD file. In QlikView script, data can be extracted from the table and stored in a QVD file. Use multiple QVD files to create the efficient data model. Create dashboards by reading data..

  • QlikView Interview Question and Answers-3

    Question.1  What is the difference between Star schema and Snow flake scheme ? Answer: In Star schema, Fact table is in the center and surrounded by dimension tables. Snow flake schema is similar to star schema. In Snow flake schema, dimension tables may be connected to other related dimensions. For..

  • QlikView Interview Question and Answers-2

    Question.1  What is a KPI? Answer: Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a key measure/s that is used by an organization to evaluate performance. KPI’s are different for different organizations, for example, for a retail company, one for the KPI may be Sales Amount, for a hospital, it may be..

  • QlikView Interview question and answers

    Question.1  What is QlikView? Answer: QlikView is an in-memory Business Intelligence application. In-memory means data is loaded and queried from RAM. QlikView uses the associative technology. Tables having common fields are associated or linked. QlikView stores data at a granular level. Data is not pre-aggregated. Components of QlikView are QlikView..

  • Python Interview Questions And Answers

    Question.1  What is the command used for exiting help window or for helping command prompt? Answer:  The command used for exiting the help window is the quit command. The python shell prompt will appear by closing the help window automatically. Question.2  How to avoid overload constructors or methods in Python?..

  • SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers

    Question.1  What is the component of the enterprise framework that provides Core web intelligence display and interaction? Answer:  The Web Intelligence Report Server provides core Web Intelligence display and interaction within the platform for end-user query and analysis. The Web Intelligence Report Server is accessed when the CMS requests the..

  • SAP BW Ultimate Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  What is a cell editor? Answer:  Gives definition of specific cells in queries (intersection of two structures one characteristics structure and one key figure structure); using this you can override the default cell values. Question.2  What are the options for calculating result as  summation? Answer:  The sum of total..

  • SAP Business Objects Interview Questions and Answers

    Question.1  How can we overcome by loops? and also is it possible, one user can different universe? Answer:  By using Alias and context Alias- loop contains one look up table Context-loop contains more than one lookup table. Question.2  How do we apply SQL query on selected variables? Answer: If you..

  • SAP HANA Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers

    Question.1  What are the advantages of column-based tables? Answer:   Advantages: Faster Data Access: Only affected columns have to be read during the selection process of a query. Any of the columns can serve as an index. Better Compression: Columnar data storage allows highly efficient compression because the majority of the..

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