IBM WebSphere MQ Interview Questions and answers

Question.1 What is the Metrics application?

Answer: The new IBM Connections Metrics application provides a comprehensive set of quantitative and qualitative metrics that help measure the business value of IBM Connections to your organization. IBM Connections uses IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to generate reports that users can view directly in IBM Connections. Metrics reports can provide your organization with the information and insight to make the right, fact-based business decisions.

For example, you can generate the following Metrics reports at the global level:

Number of unique authenticated (and anonymous) visitors for the entire system and for individual components Number of users who created or updated content Most popular content, based on number of visits, follows, or recommendations At the community level, you can generate Metrics reports such as the following: Number of unique authenticated (and anonymous) visitors for the community, including its widgets Number of contributors for each widget in a community Most active contributors. Most popular content, based on number of visits, follows, or recommendations for more information about Metrics, refer to: What are Metrics.

Question.2 Is there a video that introduces Metrics?

Answer: Yes, refer to Using Global Metrics and Community metrics in IBM Connections 4.0. [sociallocker] 

Question.3 What are the differences between the Metrics reporting functionality for IBM Connections 3.0 and IBM Connections 4.0?


• IBM Connections 3.0.1Metrics provides separate reports for each application. Metrics in IBM Connections 4.0 provides one central user interface to display global metrics reports and community metrics reports.

• Metrics reports in IBM Connections 3.0.1 are presented using simple Metrics reports in IBM Connections 4.0 are presented in various formats including tables, charts, and other kinds of graphs.

• Metrics in IBM Connections 4.0 employs the powerful capabilities of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to provide customers with more features, including reports, dimensions, customization, and drill up/down.

Question.4 Can I still access IBM Connections 3.0 metrics in IBM Connections 4.0?

Answer: Yes, any Connections user who is assigned the metrics-reader role can access metrics. To access metrics in IBM Connections 3.0.1, the user must have the correct URL. If the user can access global metrics, selecting View all Metrics->More Metrics provides a link to the IBM Connections 3.0.1 application.

Question.5 What is IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI)?

Answer: IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is an application that provides reports, analysis, dashboards, and scoreboards to help support the way people think and work when they are trying to understand business performance. You can freely explore information, analyze key facts, and quickly collaborate to align decisions with key stakeholders. For more information about Cognos Business Intelligence, refer to the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 information center.

Question.6 What are “dimensions”?

Answer: In Cognos Business Intelligence, a dimension is a broad grouping of descriptive data about a major aspect of a business, such as products, dates, or locations. Each dimension includes different levels of members in one or more hierarchies, and an optional set of calculated members or special categories. Refer to the Power cube dimensions topic to learn the dimensions used in Metrics.

Question.7 How many components in IBM Connections 4.0 are supported by Metrics?

Answer: The IBM Connections 4.0 applications that Metrics supports include: Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Files, Forums, Homepage, Moderation, Profiles, Wikis, Media Gallery, Ideation Blog, and Micro-Blogging.

Question.8 What out-of-box reports are available in IBM Connections 4.0 Metrics?

Answer: The Metrics application in IBM Connections 4.0 provides more than 110 reports for global metrics and community metrics. You can view each report using different filters, including time ranges and user attributes such as geography, department, and role. For more information, refer to the: IBM Connections 4.0 Metrics Reports Introduction article.

Question.9  Is there a list of all Metrics reports in the Metrics UI?

Answer: You can get a list of all metrics reports from the View all Metrics link in the navigation panel of the Metrics UI.

Question.10 Can I create custom reports in Metrics?

Answer: Yes, you can create custom reports to suit your needs based on the events tracked by Metrics.

Question.11 In what formats is reports available?

Answer: Metrics reports can be presented as tables or charts, which can be refined by selecting options such as the time period, a particular application, or how to group users in the results.

Question.12 What time range for reports can Metric provide?

Answer: Metrics provides reports for several predefined intervals: Last 7 days, Last 4 weeks, Last quarter, Last 12 months and all years. Last 4 weeks is the default selected time range for Metrics reports.

Question.13 Can I view reports for a custom time range?

Answer: Yes, you can select Custom in the time range filter and then set the start date and end date to view the reports for this custom time period. This only applies to global metrics and does not apply to community metrics.

Question.14 Is there a quarterly report in Metrics?

Answer: No, Metrics does not provide reports by quarter. It provides a Last quarter report that includes data for the last three months.

Question.15 Are reports refreshed in real-time?

Answer: Global metrics reports run in real-time. For community metrics reports, the community owner must submit an update request for the report generation to be completed.

Question.16 What is the difference between community metrics and global metrics?

Answer: IBM Connections provides metrics on two levels: global and community. Global metrics report on overall usage; for example, the total number of people who logged into IBM Connections last week. Community metrics report on a particular community; for example, the number of people who logged into the Sales community last week.

Question.17 What do the People, Participation, and Content themes mean?

Answer: The People theme tracks the users who visit IBM Connections. The Participation theme tracks actions in IBM Connections, such as downloading files or updating profiles. The Content theme tracks information shared in IBM Connections, such as files and comments.

Question.18 What is the architecture of the Metrics application?

Answer: The following picture illustrates the architecture of Metrics 4.0

Creating and customizing reports with Metrics data

Question.19 How does Metrics track events?

Answer: The Metrics application uses the Event Tracker to track events in IBM Connections applications. The event tracker records user actions in Connections. For example, an event is recorded every time a Connections user reads a blog entry, creates a “To do” item in an activity, updates a wiki page, or follows a community. These events are then used to calculate various metrics based on their timing and frequency.[/sociallocker]

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