Google AdWords(Ads) Interview Questions and answers

Question.1 What is Google AdWords?

Answer: Google AdWords is a paid online advertising model. It uses a bidding system to help ads appear on the top of the page results.

Question.2 How does the AdWords work?

Answer: The AdWords works on a bidding system. The higher the bidding price, the higher your ad will appear on the Google page. They work on PPC where the company will pay the bid amount if the ad was clicked.

Question.3 How often does Google refresh its Panda data?

Answer: It is updated once in a month basically for the third week of the month.

Question.4 What is paginated content? Google’s recommended actions for paginated content?

Answer: Paginated content is the type of content where if it is a long content, it is divided into shorter pages. If the Google is crawling is your web page, and the paginated content is more, the Googlebot will crawl all the pages, but will index the final pages.

Question.5 What are the Goals in Google Analytics and How can we set up Goals? Explain event tracking?

Answer: The Goals in Google Analytics is to measure user’s actions or say target objectives. It is a completed activity also called a conversion which helps you in your business. For example, if a visitor comes to your website, that is counted as a goal and the Google Analytics records as the conversion. We have 4 types of Google Analytics, namely Destination Type, Duration, Pages Per Screens, and Event Goal Type.

In order to set, in order to set up, a Goal go through the following steps:

  1. Sign into the Google Analytics with your ID
  2. Click Admin and go to View
  3. In the View Column, Click Goals
  4. Click+ New Goal or you can even import from your gallery.

You can create goals based on the given template, custom goals, and also, smart goals.

Question.6 What is the syntax to stop Google and Bing bot to crawl the page?

Answer: You can use robots.txt to block Google and bot to crawl your page.

Question.7 List out the top Google Ranking Factors

Answer: The top Google ranking factors are given as follows:

  • Content Quality
  • Content-Length
  • Creating Healthy Backlinks
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • HTTPS Web sites
  • Excellent UX experience

Question.8 What is the benefit of My Client Center (MCC)?

Answer: It is a powerful and important tool which will manage all the Google AdWords accounts from a single dashboard. You can save time with cross-account management and report, access control and consolidate bills. It is ideal for large advertisers who are managing more than one account.

Question.9 What type of bidding method is used to manage Image ads on the Google Display Network?

Answer: CPC and CPM i.e., Cost per Click and Cost per Thousand Bidding. They are ideal for image ad bidding.

Question.10 What is Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (ECPC)?

Answer: Enhanced Cost per Click is a new feature on Google AdWords. This is only for those who use the AdWords conversion tracking on almost all the CPC campaigns. It is basically designed to increase the ROI.

Question.11 What is an Ad rank?

Answer: The Ad rank will determine your ad’s position on a Google page, also based on the bid selected on the keyword.

Question.12 What does the Google Ad API do?

Answer: It is designed for representing large third parties that allow developers to build an application which can directly interact with the Google AdWords server.

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