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    Question.1 Can you prevent a class from overriding? Answer: Yes, you can prevent a class from overriding. In C#: You can prevent a class from overriding by using the sealed keyword. In Visual Basic: is You can prevent a class from overriding by using the Not inheritable keyword. Question.2 What..

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    Question.1   What are implementation inheritance and interface inheritance? Answer:    Implementation inheritance is achieved when a class is derived from another class in such a way that it inherits all its members. Interface inheritance is when a class inherits only the signatures of the functions from another class. Question.2  What are..

  • C#.Net Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1.  What is C#? Answer:  C# (pronounced C-Sharp) is a new programming language introduced with the Microsoft .NET framework and is no doubt the language of choice in .NET environment. It was first created in the late 1990’s as part of Microsoft’s whole .NET strategy. It is a whole new..