Monthly Archives: January 2020

  • Google AdWords(Ads) Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1 What is Google AdWords? Answer: Google AdWords is a paid online advertising model. It uses a bidding system to help ads appear on the top of the page results. Question.2 How does the AdWords work? Answer: The AdWords works on a bidding system. The higher the bidding price, the..

  • SEO Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1 What is SEO and why a website needs SEO? Answer: SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The website needs SEO to increase its brand awareness, increase its web visitors, and rank the website on the search list and more. Question.2 What is Amp Update? How will it be useful for..

  • Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers

    Question.1 What do you understand by Digital Marketing? Answer: Digital Marketing is a process of engaging customers and users through the various digital media through websites, social media, email, and etc through any digital devices. Question.2 What are the categories that define Digital Marketing more clearly? Answer: You can categorize..

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